why it is called hawa ?

Hawa … is not from Akel hawa…
it is from hawa which we usually don’t inhale ..
we haven’t inhaled fresh Hawa from ages ago, maybe sometimes from the beging of our lives ..
may be I am going to start inhaling today, cause everyone doesn’t want to stay makhnou2!!

About Abu Elmeej

Colored reflections seeker, looking for everything which colors and fulfill my need of beauty and balance.
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3 Responses to why it is called hawa ?

  1. Baher says:

    Hi Majed, Welcome to the Blogosphere I hope you enjoy your stay.I’ll be following your blog.Baher

  2. Ghalia says:

    Hi Majed, I wonder r u the same Majed i met at the meet-up? anyway welcome to the bloggers comunity:)

  3. Majd says:

    Yes Ghalia ..This is me ..the same guy in Lailaty

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