Al-Sham spider men

I think they hated to be photoed, but I loved to take some pics for them.

About Abu Elmeej

Colored reflections seeker, looking for everything which colors and fulfill my need of beauty and balance.
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3 Responses to Al-Sham spider men

  1. Ghalia says:

    U know every time I get inside this hotel I feel it very dirty, and walla most of the rooms stinks, so it’s really so good to think about cleaning it even from the outside!

  2. Majd says:

    maybe you are allright ..may be cause of the “Four seasons” is expected to cut about 60 percent of the market share in syria!

  3. Amr Faham says:

    once every 60 years, there have to be someone who clean this ugly dirty buildings, and they discovered that only a “spider man” can do it..hehemaybe a “superman” can make better streets someday.

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