Denmark (Europe) VS Muslims .. Who’s behind !?

Syria streets is boomed with flyers and ads announcing some Danish and Norwegian goods to be boycotted

Syrian people and Muslims all over the world were very disappointed when Danish newspaper had played with their redlines drawing cartoons upon their holy profit.

The Arabian and Muslim reactions seems to be very strange for all westerners, and it used to be strange even for me!

Othman occupied Muslim land for 400 years using the name of Islam

Some of the Muslims like Khaddam, buried nuclear waste in Syrian land which affected thousands of people, and no one had the courage to demonstrate against him.

Front Bumper said
“Peaceful demonstrations and boycott are a good sign, but the Ironic thing is that these very same ppl are being humiliated and tortured each and every day, not by Denmark rather their own country men!!”

Such odd things used to happen, and westerns governments used to be happy for such nature, that it used it for its own sake.

They used Islam against Soviet Union in Afghanistan facing the communist dragon

They used Islam trying to change governments and striking patriotic powers in Islamic countries, and here is Syria (ME also) we suffered a lot from such movements.

These cartoons were published in September, and there were some whispers around the world, but no reaction was done, and governments didn’t give a shit for such issue.

Suddenly and after four months KSA government took its ambassador from Denimark, starting a wave began strongly and separated all over the Islamic countries.

I’m not against this boycott, and taking such reactions cause every people around the world should be respected for its traditions, and believes; but I gonna ask some questions:

Who is behind this?
Who has
the advantage for boycott of Danish and some of the European goods?
Relations used to be good with Europe; but after this what gonna happen?!
who is responsible for this confusion?

at last Ayman asked a very good queston I would like to reflect right here:

Suppose that during the Israeli invasion of the West Bank and the massacre of Jenin, the same newspaper published a cartoon showing Moses as a sniper, David standing on a checkpoint or Solomon riding a tankWhat would have happened? Israel would summon its ambassador. The US and major European countries would follow. Everybody would stand against the newspaper. There would be a thousand lawsuits against the cartoonist and all publishers will boycott him

photos are taken from accross syria and from the syrian speakers corner

I tag the following articles to be read regarding this:
in the damasceneblog 1 2 3

and I tag the Front bumper

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62 Responses to Denmark (Europe) VS Muslims .. Who’s behind !?

  1. no one says:

    u know what’s funny about telling the syrians to boycot the danish goods? well as if the syrians have the financial ability to buy these things!

  2. no one says:

    and yeah i have one word to say regarding ur postالسياسة لعبة قذرةpolitics is a dirty game. u would never know what’s going on their minds, we are just toys in their hands. but no i won’t say fuck them… i would say fuck us…we deserve all the shit we are living in and more

  3. AZ says:

    i was wodnering the same.. i saw the comics last sept. i really wonder why now!!!!!!! this sudden strong reaction everywhere… i browse syrian and lebanese blogs to find them describing the reactions as they are happening typicaly in egypt..

  4. Jymz318 says:

    I don’t think that any cartoon, no matter how vile or disrepectful, would be the sole cause for a diplomatic crisis initiated by a European or North American country. There are disgusting documentaries filled with lies every on al-Manar, accusing the Jews of spreading HIV among other atrocities. What does the West do? At the most, the channel isn’t aloud in the US and France. But, we certainly don’t burn embassies or boycott Lebanon for the actions of an independent channel. This reaction is totally irrational.

  5. Wes says:

    I must disagree with your assessment of what Europe and the U.S. would do, Christian and Jewish symbols are regularly mocked and fouled in our press and in our art. Many laud it as examples of free speech and free expression, it has even been sent for judgement to the Supreme Court and been ruled legal and protected under our legal code.

  6. David says:

    I do agree that it shows great disrespect to ridicule someone else’s holy icons. But Wes is correct. Jesus and Moses and many other Judeo-Christian icons and images are regularly ridiculed throughout the West, and people do get angry, but most do not burn things down or threaten others with death. I think this reaction only serves to fuel the bias that Muslim people are easily unhinged and violent. You are a perfect example of how this is not true, but I wish there were more of you and that you were more vocal with your fellow countrymen.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Its funny how now all of this anti danish sentiment is now turning into anti-american sentiment especially 5 months after the cartoons were published, protests and shootings (now 4 afghanis died in a protest outside a U.S. base in Afghanistan). While it is true that European newspapers mock ALL religions and Middle Eastern ones mock Judeo-Christians (see Egyptian Press) it is unheard of for mainstream U.S newspapers to mock any religion or ethnic group. If the U.S. was really the enemy then why would aid workers and doctors be helping Iraqi children? Why would the U.S. be giving economic aid to the Palestinians? Why would we be building roads and schools and hospitals in devastated Afghanistan, Africa and Iraq. Especially Iraq- A brutal dictator who has killed more muslims than any other muslim in history is gone and Americans are paying the price fixing the country with money and soldiers lives. In Somalia U.S. soldiers DIED trying to FEED starving muslim children. Yet despite all this because of the work of a couple of DANES (not Americans) an American will probably die long after the fact somewhere because some muslim is proving a bigot right and giving steam to racist danish cartoons. America is NOT the enemy and only Enemies of america should fear it.-A Soldier’s Son

  8. Anonymous says:

    America has the first Article of the constitute protecting a newspaper right to publish what ever they want. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  9. Anonymous says:

    America has the first Article of the constitution protecting a newspaper right to publish what ever they want. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  10. Tommys Blog says:

    Well said David and “A Soldiers Son”. I am glad I found this site. I prefer to get views of the average citizen as opposed to what the mainstream media feeds us. I can never rely on what the “big” media tells us.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ron from Kalifornia here:Nice blog Hawa!!!!This reaction by the crazed muzzies to the 5 month old cartoons — caused the cartoons to be viewed by tens of millions more people around the world. It further ingrains in the minds of the non-Muslim world that the Muslims are a crazed culture unfit to be in civilized society. In fact Demark and a few other counties are deporting many Muslim immigrants that violate their laws or riot in the streets!! GO DENMARK!! Hope the rest o f the Euro countries will get smart like the Danes!!!!! Another thing about all this rioting over the cartoons — hell the press in the muzzie countries has published many anti- Jewish and anti-Christian articles and drawings!! We don’t go burn down their embassies. Western religions generally preach love and peace — I think the world is learning that the Mosques preach hatred and slaughter of all those not Muslim!!Well conservative talk shows over here are advocating buying as many items make in Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries that the muzzies are boycotting, to help replace the market loss!!! Here’s some links – some have live streaming. Noon to 3pm Great morning shows – 5am to noon PST has listen live capability!! People from all over the world listen to the 5am -9am show!! Check her site out she gave extensive coverage to the cartoon issue! See the cartoons and the crazed muzzies in action here!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    It looks like if your posting clock is accurate you are 10 hours ahead of the Pacific Time zone. So 5am here would be 3pm (1500hrs) there! Ron — Kalifornia

  13. Anonymous says:

    As a person of color in the US, I just hate it when protesting and demonstrating gets violent, cause then the media can portray Arabs and Muslims as animals, as they do to blacks and latins in the US. The PEACEFUL demonstrations are never mentioned one iota. *sigh*.Again whether late or not is not the issue, it is the unecessary loss of life.And I agree that a people should look inwards and at their leaders before going and blaming the outside world, or here (U.S) blame it all on the white man.Peace!

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny how people like to see what they see. If religion is that peaceful, then why is it that the secular countries are the one with a lower crime rates than the religious one.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Why are the Muslim leaders provoking their people on silly cartoon that appeared five months back? It’s not a question of the West mocking their own religions in press or other religions. Yes, the media should be more responsible but hey, the current reaction to those so called ‘FORBIDDEN’ cartoons is not only a little late but little over the top. It doesn’t mean Muslims go tearing down buildings or killing people of other faiths. Even a peaceful protest is stupid because it shows how intolerant the Muslim world is. There seems to be a more sinister motive behind all this. Muslim leaders are spreading violence, hatred and intolerance among their people against other people. It’s just pure political propoganda and a way to distract people and divert their attention from their daily misery and suffering. They are misleading them to think that the cause of their problem is other people and so they must hate them. Even tolerance is negative. You tolerate something you don’t like. I would urge the Muslim community to LOVE other religions and not question their practices or brand them as wrong. God is LOVE. There is only one God. He is every where. He lives in every one of us. His symbols might be different. So why are people quarelling over them? To what benefit?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ron — KaliforniaHere’s who’s behind all the riots!! will have to cut and past this into your browzer as well as the other ones I posted earlier.

  17. DaveMaine says:

    MadjWhy do the people of Islam protest this yet accept terorism and violence in the name of Islam?

  18. Mickey says:

    I was watching the Amimal Planet the other day and the show was about Grizzly Bears and as we followed a mother bear and her cubs we could see her devotion to the welfare of her cubs. The mother bear even attacked with great strength a male bear who threatened her cubs. She ran at him full speed and attacked, sending the male bear off running, thus, saving her cubs. Then I changed the channel after the show ended to there was a woman calling herself a “palestinian” strapping a bomb to her own child. She is lower than an animal. She isn’t the only one.Why is this? Also, how can arabs claim to be Palestinians when, there is no letter “P” in the arabic language? There is no Palestinian history, culture, language, or people as “Palestine” is a word coined by Romans to “rename” Israel. The homeland of the Jews. Even the prophet Muhammed himself (PBUH) said that Jerusalem is for the Jews. Animals. I’d rather live with animals.

  19. Metamatician says:

    I think that it was insensitive for the Danish newspaper to publish depictions of the Islamic prophet. And a boycott by Islamic groups of Danish goods is a fair response. This is the way things work. As long as no violence is involved, or groups that are not involved (innocents) are not targeted, let people get “even” in whatever way they feel is necessary. Survival of the fittest!Nice blog by the way, Hawa. Thanks for the efforts.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ron from Kalifornia here>>>Posted by Mickey | 6:28 AM Very nice post Mickey!!!! Yeah and sadly speaking as an American — we’re gona have to kill all of them!!!! Sooner or later that’s going 2 B what’s needed!!!! God I hate 2 think about doing it, but they’re so fukin crazy!!!!! This thing with the cartoon is really uniting Americans and the Europeans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They R beginning 2 C the real world!!!!!!!!

  21. Alphaprimer says:

    You anonymous guys are a riot, including you RON, why kill all of them? why not let them be, and let them swim in their own soup, so to speak. Why waste the time, money and American lives doing all of this? Thats like holding a gun to the head of a kid when your trying to potty train him, he needs to do it on his own. To Ron, how can they be called Palestinian?, well, some conqueror gave them that name (like people named the ESKIMOS), divided them and separated them from a land that they resided in for 400 years, of course they have culture, and history, culture is organic it is born everywhere,why do you think we have numerous forms of music? About the rioting, Im sure it was peaceful to start off with, and someone used the situation to front their means and escalated the tensions.The real enemies are these clerics that incite action, not because of Islam, but because they know they can use it, to get people to do whatever they choose.We do this in America, not just that harsh and extreme. (Gay Marriage, 9-11)You want to spread freedom to the region and show them relief, well we should have attacked Saudi Arabia instead, they are the most “Islamic” state in the region, where you can still get your hand cut off if you steal. You want to understand why they reacted so harshly, well think of it as a picture of Jesus sodomizing a small boy, then you will understand the situation, because you too might riot if someone printed that. What that palestinian did with her son, was inexcusable and horrible, but taking the “holier-than-thou” position and calling her less than an animal, supercedes all of things you say about bringing equality, fairness and peace to that region.

  22. Anonymous says:

    At present the protests are taking a violent angle. The Muslims should realise that they cannot hold the world hostage. We cannot fear their third grade tactics which use violence and spread terror. So if we don’t RESPOND, they will not learn a lesson. And if it continues in the fashion it is going today, in the future there will be more attacks on the Muslim community in different parts of the world. Naturally in the process innocent lives will be lost at the cost of troublemakers.I don’t sympathize with the Muslims and their present propoganda of spreading hatred and terror among the people of the world. The Muslims who are educated and have a more optimistic outlook of the world like Majd the owner of this blog must educate his brothers and sisters to accept the rest of the world as it is. Such people can make a difference. I’m extremely happy with his views and his courage to speak up. I have nothing against the religion. It’s the extremist and fundamentalist attitude that bothers me. The problem with the Muslim world is they are anachronistic and intolerant. They have been like this for centuries. It’s time they moved on. I liked the idea posted previously by some anonymous dude like myself that tolerance is not an option. We can accept others only when we love them.

  23. Alphaprimer says:

    Since when are we the self-appointed peace keepers in the world?, we’ve never acted out of benevolence before, why now?The whole issue about the cartoons, the violence and Denmark, had nothing to do with us, so why does it matter what we say/do in regards to that issue?I agree, Islam has a problem, it is an ancient religion almost archaic, with positive views on servitude, captivity and justice; that is clashing with the modern world. Be it for better or worse, and they are resisting change. It preaches love, but limits equality.It preaches fairness, yet enslaves its women.It believes in justice, and yet it uses out-dated methods of corporal punishment.- Before you jump the gun on me and say that Ive made your case for the religion’s insanity, we in America do the same thing to each other in a lesser extent of course.But this has been the case for centures, why fight them now?And why if we defeated Sadaam’s troops during the Gulf War, didnt we promote freedom and democracy in the region? we had it, in our hands we had Baghdad and we went home.Ya know why, because it wasn’t of economic and political significance to have the region free, trading and prosperous. There are (3) fundamental issues with the religion:1. Its part of the social system in the country, so it doesnt question the laws or limitations on them,2. It fails to translate well into the modern world, be it economically or socially. 3. It’s preached and contained by King’s, Ayatollah’s and Sheik’s who use it to fuel whatever means they deem necessary. These issues dont even involve the U.S. though, we get involved when we:Use NATO bombs, have CIA operatives start Coups in these countries, and have the citizens watch their families being ripped apart by bombs, and bullets every day.the West caused the fighting in the GAZA STRIP. THE WEST created BIN LADEN, and HUSSEIN, and IRAN and ISRAEL’s WMDs. and in the future it will be the west that finds reasons to affect Syria and Iran, be it invasions, taxes or staged coups. And when you Add the US ( seen as a foreign aggressor) threaten your way of life, kill you even more, dictate your living, and chastize your religion, it CREATES AL QAIDA and TERRORISM.These are sophisticated individuals, you need to understand this, Al Qaida has it’s own media center, where it creates, edits, and distributes the tapes around the world.– To fight anything you need to understand it, We’ve created these monsters when we gave the Afghan people weapons and such to fight the Russians, then we pulled out support when they asked for democracy, and left them high and dry. Before Iraq there weren’t terrorists, the biggest organization in the world that decapitated its victims were the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.If you want to bring freedom to the region, it has to be through ECONOMICS, not POLITICS or WARS or INSURGENCIES,ECONOMICS is the driving force for our Multinationals going to China and India, and which is improving their standards of living tremendously.Today is the age of globalism. Read Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat” If you cause the Arab region to unite itself, and trade goods, It will adapt itself to the modern world, because if it doesnt, it falls behind, so again the invisible hand guides the world towards progress.

  24. Alphaprimer says:

    Lastly, the problems with Islam are indeed the same problems found in ever single religion to a degree, They force people to find TRUTH through one way, one way how to pray, one way how to think.Truth is beyond any social organization that we create.Truth is whatever the individual finds in their heart.Of which, spirituality searches for. I harbor no hate for anyone nor their beliefs, because iam an individual beyond borders, labels, achetypes and stereotypes, iam a human being,thats all i can strive to be, thats all we ever are.

  25. DaveinMaine says:

    AlphaThere is a much bigger picture here than just democracy for Iraq. Many of us in America see the untold agenda that will transform the Middle East over the enxt 50 to 100 years. Often getting to the dentists chair is the harderst part, the rest goes smoothly. We are still just making the dentists appointment…. Please don’t over simplify these events….there is a much bigger global plan here that you and I are not privy to. I have read your posts and you seem to have a view of things like that of a child being asked where babys come from. “they come from momma’s belly” We both know there is a lot more to babys than that…same goes for Iraq and what comes next.

  26. RAGNAROK says:


  27. Alphaprimer says:

    @DaveinMaine, who are you to call ME a “child”? dont attack me, attack my views, and BTW what would you know about whats going to happen 50-100 years from now to ANYPLACE?We Americans have enough issues to deal with instead of worrying about somebody else, and thats the truth.And again I ask, why does our government care about the ME now? It hasn’t done anything to that regard, in the entire history of the U.S.- except support Sadaam, support Bin Laden during the Afghani-Russian War, and inadvertedly created Al Qaeda.These are facts, buddy, where are yours, all i see are opinions about freedom, which you obviously have no clue what freedom actually means in the economic, political and international sense of the word. Read, “Bin Laden comes home to roost”, which was printed in MSNBC in Aug. 24th, 1998 ” bin Laden left Saudi Arabia to fight the Soviet army in Afghanistan after Moscow’s invasion in 1979. By 1984, he was running a front organization known as Maktab al-Khidamar – the MAK – which funneled money, arms and fighters from the outside world into the Afghan war.””What the CIA bio conveniently fails to specify (in its unclassified form, at least) is that the MAK was nurtured by Pakistan’s state security services, the Inter-Services Intelligence agency, or ISI, the CIA’s primary conduit for conducting the covert war against Moscow’s occupation.””Yet the CIA, concerned about the factionalism of Afghanistan made famous by Rudyard Kipling, found that Arab zealots who flocked to aid the Afghans were easier to “read” than the rivalry-ridden natives. While the Arab volunteers might well prove troublesome later, the agency reasoned, they at least were one-dimensionally anti-Soviet for now. So bin Laden, along with a small group of Islamic militants from Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestinian refugee camps all over the Middle East, became the “reliable” partners of the CIA in its war against Moscow.””It should be pointed out that the evidence of bin Laden’s connection to these activities is mostly classified, though its hard to imagine the CIA rushing to take credit for a Frankenstein’s monster like this.” was in 1998, not 2001 or afterwards, we knew who he was, and we helped him. nuff’ said. So before you talk about the future, lets discuss the present, and bring facts to the table.

  28. Alphaprimer says:

    @ ragnarok, who said, “”BUT LOOK AT BLACKS IN POPULAR AMERICAN CULTURE. THEY HAVE DEGRADED ENSLAVED AND TOTALLY MADE A MOCKERY OF OUR CULTURE, DO YOU SEE US BLOWIN SHIT UP?”I agreed with your first 2 points until you put “TOTALLY MADE A MOCKERY OF OUR CULTURE” i dont believe thats true, our culture has made a mockery over them, made IGNORANCE a good thing to be, they dress like us, talk like us, act like us, and steal our music, always have (Elvis Presley ring any bells?). And MTV makes it seem all soo cute, commericalizing Hip Hop like that, now every teenage or pre-teen idiot knows “Bling Bling”They continue to do so and make us strive, so that our only dreams are to be ball players, rappers and actors. They are killing the blacks, and the blacks are killing each other. BTW, i have to say one thing about the muslim community, they worry about themselves and themselves alone, on a side note: i enjoy how people who have never left the US, proclaim it to be the greatest nation in the world,We are the only people on this planet to say that. How myopic and nationalistic. I most certainly will be criticized of not allowing the blacks to be less accountable, but I will know for one thing that,these people have never been poor, dont know what it’s like to be a minority (Black history month is about advertising, not for historical significance, just like the SuperBowl commericals.) and are usually males who have never left there countries, or their hemispheres. criticize my views and not my person, thats the face of the America that people should practice.

  29. David says:

    The Danes had every right to publish those cartoons and if muslims don’t like it then simply don’t look.But there have been other depictions of muhammad.Check out;

  30. Anonymous says:

    HAWAWhos’s behind it all?I think I know why this time it’s a different uproar: because the danish and norwegian mullahs set out to different muslim countries with some fake pictures, some showing a mans face as a pig. The picture was in a newspaper in france awhile ago. ABOUT a pigfestival. Nothing to do with religion.The danish mullas loose power in denmark. This was a good oportunity to show the muslim world that denmark and scandinavia is against the muslim world. These mullas got what they wanted. BUT, someone should put THEM to answer why they lied about scandinavia!! Since THEY mislead the muslim world, THEY should be punished for what THEY did. THEY LIED and CHEATED the whole muslim world. The comment from the danish mulla? Waved the question away, saying: No comments!!

  31. DaveinMaine says:

    Alpha – if you read my psot you would see i never called oyu a child. I did address your views only***********I have read your posts and you seem to have a view of things like that of a child being asked where babys come from. “they come from momma’s belly” ****************I know where we have been. but i see where this world is trying to go with the ME, for you to say we have never cared what happens there is just plain incorrect.This is one of theose much bigger than you and I things…this is one of those things where you Alpha can’t or won’t see the forrest thru the trees….You are thinking city block. Think much bigger think planet size Alpha… have plenty of facts…set them aside and use your analytical skills to see what the wrold may have instore for the ME long term…. there’s more to this than you can imagine….

  32. DaveinMaine says:

    Alpha – if you read my psot you would see i never called oyu a child. I did address your views only***********I have read your posts and you seem to have a view of things like that of a child being asked where babys come from. “they come from momma’s belly” ****************I know where we have been. but i see where this world is trying to go with the ME, for you to say we have never cared what happens there is just plain incorrect.This is one of theose much bigger than you and I things…this is one of those things where you Alpha can’t or won’t see the forrest thru the trees….You are thinking city block. Think much bigger think planet size Alpha… have plenty of facts…set them aside and use your analytical skills to see what the wrold may have instore for the ME long term…. there’s more to this than you can imagine….

  33. DaveinMaine says:

    Alpha – if you read my post you would see I never called you a child. I did address your views only***********I have read your posts and you seem to have a view of things like that of a child being asked where babys come from. “they come from momma’s belly” ****************I know where we have been, but I see where this world is trying to go with the ME, for you to say we have never cared what happens there is just plain incorrect.This is one of those much bigger than you and I things…this is one of those things where you Alpha can’t or won’t see the forrest thru the trees….You are thinking city block. Think much bigger think planet size Alpha… have plenty of facts…set them aside and use your analytical skills to see what the world may have in store for the ME long term…. there’s more to this than you can imagine….

  34. DaveInMaine says:

    Alpha – Reread my post and note what I am crticising, if you can’t grasp what I am saying to you then what credibilty do you have with the other stuff?

  35. DaveinMaine says:

    yikes sorry for the repeats theres seems to be a glitch…

  36. Anonymous says:

    Ron from Kalifornia here!!Alpha — sounds like U R swallowing all the pap & crap U’r liberal professors R feeding U!!!And that was Micky that posted the stuff about the Palestinians not me!And yes I’m not going to join every blog and remember dozens of passwords. I do identify myself in my posts. Now Alpha — U can love them, but if they hate U they’ll slit U’r loving throat without a second throught! And yes it’s the clerics in the Mosques that R stirin up all this shit! I hope the Euros kick their asses out of their countries. Alpha yes the bible says – “Blessed are those that beat their swords into plowshares…” But Ronaldus Reagan said those that beat their swords in to plowshares will end up doin the plowing for those who didn’t!!!Alpha start listening to a few conservative talk shows to get some balance from the leftists professors.By Ron/Kalif

  37. Anonymous says:

    I Am So Sorry…The muslim knocked on my door, hungry and thirsty because he fled from his muslim country, with its ,muslim leaders where he was tortured, his wife was raped and his children abused, aand I let him in. I AM SORRY.I fed him, gave him shelter, medical care, a home, education and social security: I AM SORRY.We send hundreds of millions in aid to muslims in Lebanon, Palestine, Africa, Pakistan.I AM SORRY for that too.From now on ask your raging, brainless idiot friends for help. Not me, I AM SORRY.

  38. Alpha – You talk about not knowing the future one minute and then say we helpd Bin laden?! The reason we(USA) did not get Saddam in the Gulf War was becuuse the rest of the world did not want us to. The UN did not tell us we could, so not, to look like big bad America we did not.

  39. Alphaprimer says:

    @ Some kind of monster, that may be true, but how credible is that statement, when the international community pretty much unanimously voted against going to IRAQ and we did anyway?@Ron/Mickey or whoever you like to be called, Attack my specific opinions, dispute and call me a liar, i would prefer that than saying anything about what you think my political affiliations are,ive listened to Rush Limbaugh and the like, and ive noticed that anyone who takes a position dissimilar to their own, they end the call and basically call them pretty much “bleeding-heart liberals”about the aid we sent to Africa, and etc, we may be doing that now, but it surely does NOT outweigh the things we’ve done in the name of democracy over there.We havent stopped the GENOCIDE in SUDAN that we along with UN voted that it was in fact a genocide. By joining the UN we have sworn an oath to protect against genocide situations, we’ve done nothing over there..btw you want to know what we’ve done for Africa, here’s a link. I dont have a warm spot in my heart for the Muslims or terrorists, but unlike you ive talked to Muslims, looked at myself critically and researched information from both sides, not just Condoleeza rice speeches, but Bin Laden tapes, U.S. foreign policy in Iraq and the ME in total. (THE U.S. and the U.K. created the Palestinian state in 1948, which kicked and drove people off of land that was theirs for hundreds of years and thus a conflict is born)And the overall viewpoint of the average Iraqi citizen. THEIR WEREN’T TERRORISTS IN IRAQ BEFORE THE “AMERICAN INVASION”What the terrorists are doing over there, is inexcusable, but in their eyes they are fighting insurgents(us) and we had no business giving them democracy in the first place.You cant make someone else change, they have to do it for themselves, and when you fund their regimes that doesnt help either. WE GAVE SADAAM WMDs PLANS, TELL ME IM LYING!!! The proof is in a special by Frontline by PBS. Tell me im lying about the U.S. support of Al Qaida via the CIA in the 80s, and i will find you a link.Call me ignorant and i can cite sources and references. case in point, attack my opinions not my “liberal tendencies” of which i dont claim to be.

  40. SKiNFreak says:

    I have been trying really hard to understand what Muslims find offensive,and I have had events in my life where a person has offended me to my very core over a biggotted and racsist view.But at the same time, extremists CANNOT go around supporting terorrism and violence against all who oppose Islam. One point of view that has been proposed is that the cartoons portray Muslims as terrorists and fanatics. But these protests are reinforcing that view.Why should the West take Muslim point’s of view seriously when there are British born Muslim people supporting the 7/7 attacks, threatening to bomb Danish embasseys and wanting to behead all who insult Islam. Muslims need to get thier collective House in order first and formost, because the supposed tolerance and equalisty that many Muslims purport exists in the Qur’an is being trodden on by the extremist nutjobs. The majority of Muslims owe this to the world otherwise you will always get the powers that be supporting equal measrues to defend what they see as the threat of Muslim terrorists. DO NOT give the likes of Bush and Blair ammo. Not everyone will conform to a certain point of view – the cartoons do not offend me and I have a right to see them and at the same time, a similarly constructed image of Jesus wouldn’t offend me either. The comments about the right-wing Neo-cons protesting at that thought of that is idiotic. If Bu$h or the Vatican couldn’t put a stop to the Da Vinci Code, then what could they do about a cartoon. It is daft, and a lot of people need to swallow thier pride, and realise this planet is bigger than what is written in a book (be that filled with scripture or cartoons).

  41. Andy Michael says:

    You know what I find ironic?The fact that more than half of the world’s insulin comes from Denmark. I didn’t see insulin on the poster with a red line through it. Funny, how things like that get left out.The other ironic thing is that never before in history have so many Danish flags been purchased by Arabs. It’s all too much!!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Ron from Kalif. here!! BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! Heard kinda a preview of what will break in the news tomorrow! The WMD’s were moved to Syria!!! The Russians helped!!!! Well all you sane ones might think about an extended vacation at some nice South Sea island!! Good luck!Now Alpha — yes it’s no big secret that we worked with the talaban — Sadam etc… Have you ever heard the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend!” The Iranians invaded Iraq and the USSR invaded Afganistan! History if full of strange alliances.

  43. Alphaprimer says:

    @ Ron, you cant’t just say , *chuckling* “Countries do the darndest things”You can’t underscore or overshawdow the importance, when we gave Bin Laden information, weapons, tactics and funding, which led to the bombing of the USS Cole, the attack on the Embassy in Kenya, and 9-11.This arent just issues to push aside, we’ve established if not, created HIM and people like him in the region, but yet we fight against him.This is bigger than some LONE guy who is crazy enough to attack the US and does it, without our knowing it. Even if it is, He was in Afghanistan not Iraq, You cant explain to me why we are there besides the same old bullshit “Freedom” argument, because honestly, we Americans dont give a fuck about others’ freedoms’ except when they affect our own( be it economic, political and legal)If that were true, we would have intervened in Darfur, AND EVEN THAT, YOU CANT ARGUE ON WHY WE AREN’T THERE HELPINGWe are the self-imposed Peace keepers right?Thats why we “claim” we are in Iraq, right?That just goes to show you, that whole freedom claim is bullshit. BTW, where are you getting these headlines?, offer some quotes and links .I think you need to read up on why the USSR invaded Afghanistan, before painting a broad brush with freedom in the picture,,and your right, we did support them for “the enemy of our enemy is our friend”, but it wasnt about freedom, it was about bleeding dry a nation that affected our political, economic, and social well-being. And honestly, Bin Laden is doing the exact same thing we did to the Soviets “bleeding them dry”read the bin laden information too, is an excerpt : “According to an audio tape released after bin Laden’s September 11 attacks,bin Laden’s main grievances against the West and especially the United States, include support for the State of Israel, United States support for several dictatorial regimes in the Middle East, and the presence of United States military bases in Saudi Arabia, where the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina are located.The U.S. withdrew from these bases in 2003, stating that they were no longer necessary for their campaign in Iraq.”we aren’t the ‘good guys’ to these people and we certainly arent the benevolent peace makers that our government wishes its people to understand him as well, not to mention the old adage, “To know my enemy, is to know myself”

  44. Sam B says:

    Of course Israel would have been angry about a picture of Moses as a sniper. But they would never have escalated it to an international incident. That’s really the issue, isn’t it? Read my most recent blog entry (Click on my name above). Most of it is a quote from the Washington Post, but read the bottom part. The real outrage here is the complete lack of tolerance and childishness among the people who have escalated this petty little thing into an international crisis that affects millions of lives. Israel would not have done it over a picture of Moses.America would not have done it over a picture of Jesus.It’s not that the west wouldn’t be offended, it’s that we’ve grown as a society to tolerate and celebrate free speech.So why is the Arab world sitting in the dark age on this issue?

  45. Sam B says:

    Another thing:The President of Iran recently claimed that the Holocaust never happened, that 6 million mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers of Jews who are alive today were not murdered by the Nazis. Every single Jew in the world was offended. But I didn’t see any embassies burning. Yet many Arabs are willing to destroy the fucking world over a cartoon?What do you have to say to that?

  46. Sam B says:

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  47. José Ml. says:

    Hey, I just got redirected from the Kevin Sites blog and I find it very interesting being able to read what a syrian thinks about the current situation.I´m from Costa Rica and have myself a blog about my life in the UK so I find it very interesting that this tool that I use to fight loneliness and be close to my friends and family can also be used to understand better those things that I´m really interested in.I´m really concerned that I see a lot of misconceptions and basically a lot of hate, anger and close-mindednes in today´s world.World War 3? I´m not even worried about that, it´s already here. How do I know? Well, there are tons of places I´d like to visit like Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Asia; Etc, but a lot of them are too dangerous or things simply got out of the hands and now they are just unaccessable.I think people all over the world should be tolerant and honest (burn and kill or lie, doesn´t make you a good citizen no matter where you live), and simply embrace the differences and be open enough to accept that people are not going to be the same (yes not everyone will be muslims, christians, not even a good religious person; every person has the right to choose if he wants to be religious and how much).If we just got to know each other better people wouldn´t be surprised to learn that someone across the world just wants to be happy like them.That´s why I´m grateful for blogging and the internet and hopefully people will start talking to each other and not listen to the lies that we´re all being fed by our politicians. They all have their agendas and are not about to share their profits with you.Anyway, just wanted to say ¡Pura Vida! (it´s something we say in costa rica, literally translated into english would be pure life).

  48. ohioguy says:

    A lot of assumptions here. In all actuality, this kind of stuff wouldn’t draw an uproar in the US. After all, we are the place where the National Endowment for the Arts can pay someone to put a crucifix in a jar of urine and call that art!

  49. Alphaprimer says:

    In an overall sense, I enjoy how individuals are drawing a comparison with the the cartoon reactions in the Arab world and how an American “would” respond,all we are doing is saying and acting like we are better than them, we are just different. which is what we did to the Native Americans because we thought they were savages because we used silverware and they did not.There is a difference with the culture, lifestyle, religion, values and all that.If you want to bring peace, you embrace people and work TOGETHER with them to understand where and how to compromise and understand yourself too. I will agree that their social customs and practices revolve and originate from their religion, and tells them that they need to “act a certain way” to be a Muslim, and in all fairness rituals, traditions, superstitions and practices dont get you closer to God.Not shaking a woman’s hand because you consider yourself “religious” is not honorable, or decent or representative of what God would want us to do.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hi I’m dareen :)I think U know that I agree with U…Now American and Israelian goverments are laughing “hehehe they will leave us in peace a few months. We just can do what ever we do without troubles”.I think it is not a good sign that Islams make as a huge demostrations cause of this serious problem and stay calmer when they watch the dead people all over the world because of wars.. It is really bad. Did we get used to be killed…R we going to be used to disrespecting our relegion and cultures after a few years….I think we should be carefull and smarter. What happened just reflects to a disrespecting from their side, and gave a bad wild image about who we are.. There were smarter ways to make them feel bad and sorry.

  51. Anonymous says:

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  54. Leilouta says:

    Denmark (Europe) VS Muslims .. Who’s behind !?It must be the USA…It is always the US’s fault for some reason:)

  55. smac says:

    peace and blessings to All,I have to say so much, becuz so much is on my mind. So please bare with me if everything sounds jumbled.I enjoyed reading the post’s and the article on the Danish’s disrespectful cartoons. As An American Muslim and person of Color I have to say the way the Muslims are reacting is not totally cool. I feel something should be said to the newspaper and to the cartoonist. Just to let them know that they are being offensive to others. I feel as a muslim there are somethings that you just have to let “roll of your back” if you will. As a Muslim am I really offended by a cartoon? Can the cartoon control my life? No, so let it go. We as muslims have to remember the life of the prophet (swt) and remember the pain and ridicule he went through from the pagan arabs. PPl stood there and actually threw stones! STONES! not cartoons but he perservered…Im just saying fight the fight where the fight will be felt the most. In the pocket. I agree boycotting should be done. I will not spend my money on a company that will not sell their items in the “urban” neighborhoods. Being peaceful is what Islam is all about. Not creating chaos. As one blogger commented, now the West (Europe and Us) are looking at the Muslim countries and laughing. We as Muslims need to remember our teachings of peace and perserverance. As I continued to read the various posts I also could not help to think, maybe this kind of stuff is happening cuz Allah “God” would like for us as Muslims to be alot more self reliant. We as muslims depend to much on others to help us. We should help ourselves first then reach out to others. We as Muslims will gain more respect from the West than ridicule.When I read about Muslims in the news who are killing ppl or burning stuff. It really saddens me. Burining buildings will not solve a problem and killing ppl will not bring peace closer. I think its just real sad that as Muslims we have to resort to violance. On the other hand, I can sympathize with the Muslims over seas. They are in their own land and they have ppl demolishing their homes and oppressing them. Unfortunately, the Muslims reactions come in the form of violance. Im not trying to justify the action, just trying to give ppl the other side of the story.”hawa” Im glad to see other muslims voicing their opinion in a calm sincere manner. Keep up the good work. Im also glad to see that the average citizen are not a bunch of idiots. These posts actually show a different side of America. I can really appreciate that. In closing, I feel the post gives us,Americans, a view of the real world outside of ours and not through the media.have a peaceful daysmac

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hello! Matthew from Wisconsin here. Hawa! Where did you go? You have not posted since 2-5-06. A few comments here. It is now March 15th and there is still protesting over the cartoon. Meanwhile other REAL problems occur and are soon to be forgotton. Palestine seems to be sliding into a democraticly elected anarchy. Israel raids the Jerico Prison as soon as the British monitors moved out. Now there is a story with several different sides. All are seem to have a grain of truth to them. Alphaprimer, once you make your point, try being quiet. I’ll agree with you and then you start running off and then….. oh boy.

  57. Yazan says:

    Majd, my friend.. where have ya been…hope to hear ur news..mail me yazan (dot) san (at) gmail (dot) com

  58. rxbbx says:

    Everyone has to stop with this bullshit. People are dying everywhere.. This is a fight for power not for relegion. Israel should leave from Lebanon immediately and Hezbollah should give those two persons back. We should all work together to fight the global problems like nature and poverty.Regards

  59. Anonymous says:

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  62. Anonymous says:

    Watch subject. Bush goes ballistic about other countries being evil and dangerous, because they have weapons of mass destruction. But, he insists on building up even a more deadly supply of nuclear arms right here in the US. What do you think? What is he doing to us, and what is he doing to the world? Our country is in debt until forever, we don’t have jobs, and we live in fear. We have invaded a country and been responsible for thousands of deaths. The more people that the government puts in jails, the safer we are told to think we are. The real terrorists are wherever they are, but they aren’t living in a country with bars on the windows. We are.

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