drunk in Riyadh

I’M here,,
I’m there ,,
I’m in no where ,,

They weather was so dusty ,, and I’m still feeling the sand in my eyes, and under my teeth ,,

I did like that storm,
it was terrible, it destroyed lots of building , it caused harm ,,
Some people were about to die ,,
But after all, I could get out of my car ,,, I was about to cry ,,,
I raised my hands and started to hug every piece of water ,,, and every rain drop ,,
The sky was crying ,, and I was shouting ,,
I miss you babe ,,
I miss your air ,,
Wait for me ,,, I’m coming to you,,
I smelled your smell in Riyadh ,,
It was a dream ,,, or a day dream ,,
I was inside my world again ,,
I miss you Yazan ,,
I miss you Baher ,,
Lana ,, Kinda ,, Faten ,,,
Mam ,,, I love you ,,,,,

Thanks ,, my heart is still pumping my black blood ,,

Ya lateef ,,, shu meshta2 ,,,
Ra7 mut ,,

About Abu Elmeej

Colored reflections seeker, looking for everything which colors and fulfill my need of beauty and balance.
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4 Responses to drunk in Riyadh

  1. Yazan says:

    Majd, We, Syria… we miss u too. :)welcome back my friend..

  2. moddar says:

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